Model. Barcelona Architectures Festival

Model is a space for reflection and celebration that brings us experimental architecture and helps us to rethink how we wish to live together through new city models and imaginaries. Model is organised by Barcelona City Council and Fundació MIES and directed by Eva Franch. The identity created by Arauna Studio and is based on a bespoke typeface drawn from the shapes of different architectures found in the city map and streets. This year’s edition uses architectures in the area of Plaça de les Glòries, where the event will take place.

For the motion behavior, we modeled the buildings in 3D based on the floorplan and incorporated them into all the motion assets in a lively and dancing manner. Additionally, redrawn stills from the animations were used in various print applications.


Creative Direction & Graphic Design
Motion Design 

Arauna Studio,

Gerard Mallandrich
Arnau Rovira Vidal